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Armored doors TM BRONWEST:

Metal construction.

The door of "Bron West" are made of sheet metal the method of repeated bending. They are welded structures with several longitudinal and transverse ribs. The door box and frame that have a wide range of colors, covered with enamel by electrostatic coating method and heat treatment, and it provides the resistance to moisture and mechanical damage.

Doorway Decorations.

From the outside metal frame is decorated by MDF-plate of any design and color of your choice.Doors are equipped with inner or outer loops, depending on the model and class. The kit includes a one-way cover plates in accordance with design and color of the doors. Installing cover plates helps to hide imperfections or gaps between the wall and the door frame and gives the product a harmonious and complete.

MDF - covers.

MDF plate – is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres. The advantage of this material is that it does not use any artificial or chemically aggressive materials, only components of a natural origin of lignin and paraffin. Therefore, it is considered an environmentally clean and safe. Surface softness undergoes a gentle processing that allowing designers and technologists to realize any creative ideas. We use for decorating doors only hight quality MDF-boards that meet all the modern requirements and is resistant to high temperatures, moisture and mechanical influences. For doors that are set to be installed outside (in houses, cottages) we offer the lining with waterproof MDF-plate which are resistant to the effects of the external environment and mechanical damage, and not deform under their influence.


A very important element of the entrance door are accessories – arrangements, plates, the handle (handle or rosette), peephole, armor, that meet all requirements concerning design and safety. We use only high-quality, durable and reliable locks in the configuration with a selection of door handles leading brands: АРІКО, КОЗАК, АPECS, КАLE, MOTTURA, KEDR, FUARO, TESLA, MUL-T-LOCK. The cost of doors includes two mechanisms and door handle according to a series of doors. In addition you can order accessories of any manufacturer or model.

Soundproofing and thermal insulation.

For fill the cavity we use the mineral wool TM «Rocmin» from 30-50 mm, and along the edges of the door we set a single or a double sealant: "e"-blank on a canvas and "D"-blank on the box. Thanks to such design doors canvas densely adjoins boxes provides protection from the outside environment and microclimate in your home.

Rugged construction.

Entrance metal doors is a complicated structure, which allows you to protect your home and keep it warm and quiet. The strength of modern armoured doors is a multi-layered structure of metal, where the pins are located along the perimeter, armored escutcheons and quality furniture. Thanks to these elements of our entrance doors, your home will be protected from hacking and unwanted penetration.


However, no matter how strong was the design of the metal doors with MDF-plates, an important role in protecting the home provide quality lock mechanisms. The most commonly used types of locks are cylindrical and chubb detector lock. Сhubb detector lock have good mechanical characteristics, can be quite massive, but have a limited level of secrecy. Сylindrical locks have lower mechanical characteristics and high level of secrecy. Based on these properties, for maximum security, you should use both locks. Сhubb detector lock will perform a power function, and cylindrical locks - secret.

We use modern production

We use a modern complex of European equipment, thanks to it the doors are of high quality and reasonable price:

  • Milling machine
  • Format cutting machine
  • Coordinate Punching Machines
  • Bending hydraulic press
  • Paint and heat chambers
  • Test stand
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High quality

We cooperate only with the best manufacturers of items for doors.

For choosing items we follow the high quality standards and reputation of the manufacturer, because the quality of the individual elements will depend on the quality of the doors.


We will guarantee your safety.

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