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Dear colleagues!

Entrance metal doors is a significant expenditures for any construction company, and their quality is the key to long-term work with your customers. Therefore it is very important to follow the ratio "price-quality" when purchasing this product.

Ltd «MDM Universal» has an exclusive right on realization of products of TM «Bron West».

Ltd «MDM Universal» is a dynamically developing and builds partnerships across the entire territory of Ukraine. Our products have the highest level of quality and a unique personality and satisfies the needs of even the most demanding clients.

Cooperation with us

Today, the trade mark «Bron West» offers the opportunity to purchase the following types of armoured doors:

  • For house;
  • For apartment;
  • For offices;
  • Technical doors;
  • Doors for non-standard size;
  • Doors for the individual order.

Becoming our partner you will receive quality service, and our skill and experience will be enough to satisfy your wishes!

Conditions of cooperation

To ensure successful partnerships and long-term relationships based on mutually beneficial terms between our enterprises, Ltd «MDM Universal» offers the following:

  1. The most modern production technologies;
  2. Quality control in compliance with the terms of production and delivery;
  3. Delivery of goods is possible throughout the territory of Ukraine;
  4. Delivery of goods is carried out by Ltd "MDM Universal";
  5. A wide choice of models and colors;
  6. Components of the door – at your request;
  7. Providing technical information and proper certificates;
  8. Warranty service;
  9. Calculation in a convenient way (cash or VAT);

With respect and hope for productive cooperation

Dmitruk Evgeniy Evgeniyovich

Company "MDM Universal"


We will guarantee your safety.

Thanks to us you will choose are reliable doors

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